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After his years wandering the high deserts of Nevada for 14 years, J Wagoner now makes his home in the bee-you-tee-full city of Portland, Oregon. Follow J Wagoner on Twitter: @wagonerwrites

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy

J Wagoner was once on a quiet, lonely spot on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, fly rod in hand. Upon hooking a fish and upon reeling it in, Wagoner saw that it was entirely made of gold. The fish said that if he were to be let go, he would grant the author three wishes. Wagoner first wished for the ability to make others happy. Wagoner then wished for the ability to make himself happy. Lastly, Wagoner wished to be allowed to work towards the first two wishes without the fish’s help. As the golden fish swam away thinking, “well, that was easy,” the author yelled, “Wait! Wait! I meant world peace! And a Tesla Model S!”